Unique Gifts for Any Occasion

Autographed Wedding mat and framed piece

The perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, or other occasion can be difficult to find. We have ideas for how you can create a personalized gift just right for any celebration.

Framed OSU diploma

We also have artistic posters and prints that you could frame for an exquisite gift. We have local and nationally known artists’ prints and gift cards.

yamamoto Yamamoto_cards

Motawi tileworks

Artist, Christopher Marley, through his fascination and study of entomology, has sought out exotic butterflies, moths, beetles, and other insects from around the world. In his work, he has used the color and form of these insects to create very beautiful and unique framed specimens, some of which you can view below.


Stop by Mona Lisa’s Custom Framing and Prints to see some of these amazing pieces. We have many in stock to choose from, and can special order others directly from Christopher Marley. Prints are also available of the specimen designs.